General Pneumatics specialises in creating pneumatic solutions that drive efficiency and precision in the industrial and manufacturing sector.

Who We Are

In 1978, in the heart of Kempton Park’s industrial area, General Pneumatics (GPN) was born out of a simple yet bold idea: to build pneumatic solutions that work harder and smarter for industries. We began as a small operation, but with a clear vision – to make machines more efficient and reliable.

Our journey has been about real results, not fancy words. We’ve grown by solving real problems for real industries. From automotive to pharmaceuticals, our solutions have one goal: to boost productivity and reduce downtime. We’re not here to sell you an idea; we’re here to deliver a solution.


GPN offers a comprehensive range of pneumatic products, including air cylinders, valves, air preparation units, and pneumatic accessories.

Each product is engineered with the highest durability and performance standards, ensuring they withstand the rigours of industrial environments. Our tools are designed to optimise your processes, reduce downtime, and boost productivity, enabling you to achieve seamless operations.